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  • Meet me in Milan

    aisharebecca November 7, 2019

    We were met with a rainy day on landing and the hotel was a bit further away than initally suggested on, but we made it none the less, albeit a bit wet through and cold. But we did venture out to Central station and grabbed a pizza and a gorgeous glass of red wine which improved our initial mood from the bad weather.

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  • Bonding In Bydgoszcz

    aisharebecca September 19, 2018

    I’m finally in Poland. I spent the last to weeks on the IHCYLT (teaching young learners course) in a town (or is it a city?!) ,called Bydgoszcz around 301km north of Warsaw. I was kindly greeted at the airport by Gregorcz, the director of International House Bydgoszcz and shown to my temporary digs, where Char (temporary flatmate) and fellow course mate was waiting. The hospitality was amazing. They had provided…

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  • Finding Vegan foods in Naples

    aisharebecca March 18, 2018

    During my first week in Naples I did think to myself, what are my food options as a vegan? My best friend was messaging me. Have you found food she asked? Well,….I’ve had bread and salad. Erm….. A few weeks later during one of our mammoth skype calls she pressed…”Please tell me you’ve found more than bread and salad to eat now.”. Yes Lots in fact. It turned out being…

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  • Vegan Travels: 4 Things I’ve learned living 4 weeks In Naples

    aisharebecca February 4, 2018

    Wow! If you’d asked me 2 weeks ago, how I felt my new working and living situation in Naples was going, I would have likely burst into tears and told you that it was going royally rubbish and I wanted to go home. But after completing a month in Italy now I can honestly say that I’m settled. Whilst it may not feel like home, (my family and my partner…

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  • Vegan Travels: Italy

    aisharebecca January 21, 2018

    Well, I’ve been living and working in Italy for almost a month now and thought I would take some time to catch up my blog followers on how life is treating me here so far. The first week was so hard. I missed home. I didn’t really gel with the people I’m living with (albeit its better now), I had no idea how to communicate in Italian with people in…

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  • Vegan Travels: Rome

    aisharebecca June 25, 2017

    Check out what I got up to in my recent trip to Rome and what I think of Roma’s vegan catering skills.

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  • Summer 2016 in Slovakia: Part Three

    aisharebecca July 28, 2016

    The third and final part of my Summer in Slovakia series.

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  • Summer in Slovakia:Part Two

    aisharebecca July 17, 2016

    Part two of our summer in Slovakia. I discuss the beautiful cultural differences of a traditionalist Slovak wedding.

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  • Summer In Slovakia:Part One

    aisharebecca July 3, 2016

    Part one of my recent Summer trip to Slovakia.

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  • Zero Waste Packing

    aisharebecca June 11, 2016

    See how my first attempt at #zerowastepacking went!

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