Just Strong

  • Becoming a Just Strong Ambassador

    aisharebecca September 7, 2019

    “God created it. Jesus died for it.The Spirit lives for it. We’d better take care of it.” Pastor Rick Warren Wow. So, it’s been just over a year since I joined the Just Strong team as an ambassador for women empowering women through fitness and I realise I haven’t actually written a post as to why them. Why over brands like gym shark, pursue fitness and stronger etc (all great…

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  • Body: My body is God’s temple

    aisharebecca December 20, 2017

    Disclaimer: This blog post in no way means to call out on women of different body shapes, size and weights or those that simply do not enjoy exercise or cannot for various health reasons. I just merely mean to explain why I enjoy exercise and my spiritual reasons behind it.* Last time I discussed my thoughts on why I love to learn and why knowledge should not just be gained…

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  • Love makes you fat  — The Mum on the Run

    aisharebecca September 16, 2016

    Read my thought’s on ‘Love makes you fat’ by blogger -Mum on the Run.

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