Faith Reads

  • Review: Girl, Wash your face By Rachel Hollis

    aisharebecca May 11, 2020

    Rachel Hollis is the face behind the hollis company, author of 3 novels, 2 self-help books, (this being her first) and inspirational speaker at her self made Rise. conferences. These are my honest thoughts and opinons on ‘Girl, Wash your face’. It was an easy read, Rachel has a tone that is light and she has a really great sense of humour, but there were things I couldn’t shake and…

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  • REVIEW: Is this it? By Rachel Jones

    aisharebecca March 4, 2020

    Is this it?, Where is my life going? Am I failing at life? These are just some of life’s questions Rachel Jones aims to discuss with us in her debut book ‘Is this it?’. The book begins with a self- examination questionnaire. 1. ‘You find yourself asking, ‘What shoud you do with your life?’….errr, Yes! 2. Watching sitcoms from your adolescence on Netflix makes everthing feel better.Along with 29 others.…

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