About Me

I’m Aisha Rebecca (a.k.a The Lifting Disciple). Perfectly imperfect daughter of a King known as Jesus, who is still figuring out what my true calling in life is and how he could love little old me. Fanatical about staying focused on my fitness goals and wandering the earth in search of vegan goodness that aligns with my passion for food and compassion for all of God’s living beings.

I love to travel. Having lived in my native England, Italy and Poland. After spending a year and a half Living Long Distance with my partner Julian, we now call the Netherlands home.

Fuelled by my passion for sustainable living, faith, fitness and travel, I aim to use this blog to help you on your journey with sustainable living, faith and fitness goals as one entity this journey called life.

So let me help you…

Three words I’d like to use to describe you are: Faithful, (Com)passionate and Determined. But if I were to describe you right now the words I’d use are: Confused,  unsure and lacklustre.

This blog was created as a way to help YOU live a more sustainable lifestyle, find fun in fitness (no matter how busy you are) and seek to live a life in Gods light no matter where you may be on your journey.

If you feel a calling to find peace in following the Alpha and Omega that is Jesus Christ, be more compassionate towards ALL beings (not just the human variety) and are determined to make some healthier and sustainable lifestyle changes, that please God and this beautiful Earth He created, along with exploring the world through perfectly imperfect eyes then you’re in the right place.

Let me lift you up spiritually, physically and mentally. Let’s connect!