Love conquers All

aisharebeccawritesMarch 30, 2020

I’m going to be honest. It would be so easy to write a blog post about coronavirus. The turmoil and uncertainty going on in the world and the effect it is having on our communities, nation and the world as a whole. But, I’m not going to do that. For one, I am mentally drained from all the disarray this virus is causing and I’m sure the majority of you are too. Secondly, I want my blogs to remain positive and within God. As a race we are a drain and I want to look at that, but ultimately today I write about love. What I believe the positive side of the craziness of corona and what God is trying to wake us up too.

The more I read about corona and the more time I’ve spent indoors reflecting I’ve come to learn this one thing. We are a virus. Now, wait, hear me out before you all get on your high horses or tell me I’m being insnesitive. Yes people are dying, but people were dying before. I’ve read so much on social media about being kind, look after your elderly people, not being slefish and consuming so much, about loving one another, even pick up your bibles and seek God! But the two questions I want to ask you are these…

  1. Why now? Why has it taken a fast spreading virus for us to wake up to treating all humanity with kindness and love?
  2. What happens when this is “all over”? How many of us will truly continue to practice what we preach? My guess; it’ll be short lived.

We have become a virus. God gave us this world. We screwed it up. He sent us Jesus and every day we still screw up. Most of us without even looking inside ourselves and seeing the part we play on the destruction of Earth. God gave us the trees to provide us with oxygen to breath, yet we cut down far more than necessary to create farm land to over consume the animals he gave us “dominion” over. Thus having a ripple affect on the wild animals he also made us stewards of. We stopped caring about them. We stopped caring about our elderly. We stopped giving to them. Gone are the days when we would all know our neighbours and check in on each other. Now its, work home shut the door and stay contained in a bubble. Well now the jokes on us world. Humanity are fighting to contain corona and God is containing us.

“Come, my people, go home and shut yourselves in. Go into seclusion for a while until the punishing wrath is past.” – Isaiah 26:20

We priced people out of the housing market, we let more and more people go homeless. It says in Deuteronomy 15:10 “Give freely and spontaneously.” We’ve stopped being a giving world, only interested in what we can take and consume for ourselves.

In Luke 6:18 it says “They had come to hear him (Jesus) and to be healed of thier diseases. Those troubled by impure spirits were cured.” – NLT Ever thought that maybe now is the time for us that haven’t heard him to begin hearing him? We need curing. Our words have become a disease. We speak words of death over each other and even to ourselves. When we don’t root for soemone beacue they “appear” to be doing better than us we secretly envy them. We rot our minds and spread diseased thoughts within ourselves. We tell ourselves we are worthless, we are unloved, we don’t deserve better, God doesn’t love us etc.

But didn’t I say this was a blog post about love? It really is. Love conquers all. In the weeks following this outbreak some of us got time. Time to reflect. Time to pick up our bibles and read together, to pray together. Time to be a family. Time to slow down. Time to look at who needs love more then ever. Time to love ourselves. Time to show love to others. It’s like now we have nothing but free-time and God wants you to use it more wisely now. God wants you to know He has time for us. He loves us and wants to know us. He wants to pour out his blessings upon us.

“The Lord bless you, and keep you, protect you, sustain you and guard you; the Lord make His face shine upon you with favour,and be gracious to you, surrounding you with loving kindness; The Lord lift up His face upon you with divine approval, and give you peace.” “ – Numbers 6:24-26

What could we do to surround others with loving kindness?

We should love sincerely and genuinely. It is so easy for us to love from a place of selfishness instead of selflessness. Strengthen others. We all have obstacles. Right now the world has one shared common obstacle. There will be moments when you feel alive and days when your feel down. We need to be each others strength in this time. Lend a helping hand. Give to your neighbour when you have enough. God always provides! It takes a village to raise a child. Reach our to parents struggling with homeschooling – teach. Use what you know. Go off curriculum for an hour and teach them something that’ll go with them in life.

Inspire positivity in others. We seem so easily angered these days. It’s like we forgot how to nurture and lift up those around us. Our tongue is our fiercest weapon and we should choose how we are using it. Are we degrading others? Are we putting them down? Or are we using our words to bless those around us? How often do we get irked in a day, go shopping and then take our bad mood out on the poor unassuming shop assistant? Our parents? Our best friend? Our spouse?

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” – Luke 6:45 NIV

What comes from our mouths is what is in our hearts. Our hearts need cleansing and now we got nothing but time to do it. We got time to allow God in to purify us and store good things in our hearts, because out of good things the goodness of God’s words are spoken through us.

So, God’s given us time. Let’s just hope we are taking it to learn from and not repeat the mistakes we have been making towards Him, the Earth and each other. Let’s live in hope that we will begin to see that we are better loving each other and treasuring the most important people in our lives. Let this be a time to go deeper in relationship with ourselves, God and our loved ones. Let us remember how to LOVE. Above all is LOVE. It is the one word that conquers all.

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