REVIEW: Is this it? By Rachel Jones

aisharebeccawritesMarch 4, 2020

Is this it?, Where is my life going? Am I failing at life? These are just some of life’s questions Rachel Jones aims to discuss with us in her debut book ‘Is this it?’.

The book begins with a self- examination questionnaire. 1. ‘You find yourself asking, ‘What shoud you do with your life?’….errr, Yes! 2. Watching sitcoms from your adolescence on Netflix makes everthing feel better.Along with 29 others. Number 29 had me laughing 29. You catch your yourself talking about the pros and cons of various household applicances with your friends and then saying, “WHEN DID WE GET SO OLD?” HAHA! You will be laughing along from page one.

Rachel, with her quick wit and bubbly writing style, takes the 20-something millenial on a journey of discovery and empathically tells you of her personal experiences as a 20-something asking life’s all encompassing (albeit rather negative) questions and ultimately leads the reader to see that the focus should not be on what I’m doing with my life? But WHO are we doing life for? Ultimately that answer should always be Jesus.

Although aimed at the millenials at the younger side of life, I found myself – now in my early 30s – reminiscing about the very questions I had some years ago as a 20-25 year old often asking myself ‘Will I end up alone?’ or stating how ‘I wish I was back at school’. Heck sometime I still want to go back! Even now this book really resonated with me, especially the chapters entitled ‘Lonely’ and ‘Dating or Married’ as I have felt the message spread across those pages in my own heart only recently moving abroad. Her invaluable advice ‘Remember there is more than one way to stack a dishwasher.’ has saved Julian and I many nights of unnecessary “discussions” and she really gets real, backing up real life with scripture. She points out, couples often starting with a bible reading on 1 Corinathians 13 and how realistically James 4:1-3 is better suited to married couples year or even months down the line.

Remember there is more than one way to load a dishasher.” – Rachel Jones #isthisit

The book touches on subjects such as leaving home (or not, as may be the case), singleness, career worries and even ageing. As the generation often priced out of the housing market, working what feel like dead end jobs with no satisfaction or plagued with doubts and bouts of lonliness all topics are explored with sensitivity honesty and scriptural care.

‘Rootless’ resonated with me, as my mum and I have often discussed shipping the last of my boxes from the UK to the Netherlands. It all just seems final though. Knowing you’ll always be able to go “home”, but now you are truly ‘adulting’ and in the big wide world fending for yourself. Mum can visit but ultimately she kind of needs to let go of your hand now. Or rather we need to ‘be brave’ and stop holding on for dear life. Time to live.

“We need to ‘be brave’ stop holding on for dear life.Time to live.”

This is a book I dare say I will continue to come back to in life. The words speak to your soul and remind you that through every milestone, roadbump or triumph in life HE (Jesus/God) was always there. Always has been there and always will be there for you. He knows your fears and doubts, He knows the plan (its not the one in your mind) and His got you in the palm of His hand.

Ultimately, this book was clearly written with a lot of due care and attention. Rachel writes the book from a place of wanting to seek and be more like Jesus, whilst remmbering to not always take herself or life too seriously and it is written as such. Wit, honestly and love. I loved it, you will too. GO BUY IT!

Picture Credit: Aisha Rebecca

Rachel Jones is 20-something, trying to keep it together, and ready to say what we’re all thinking. Whether you’re just feeling a bit lost or having a full “quarter life crisis”, this funny, honest, hopeful book reveals the difference Jesus makes to the challenges of adulting.

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