Ovation Worship set to release first EP

aisharebeccawritesFebruary 6, 2020

We all have our favourites in the world of worship music. The artists and songs we can go back to time and time again. But a new year and decade has bought with it a fresh new sound. Let me introduce up and coming worship band of 2020 – Ovation Worship.

Ovation Worship are the worship band from the U.S based Cornerstone Church in Midwest city, Oklahama. Comprised of worshippers, singers and musicians formed for the purpose of experiencing the presence of God and united in leading people all over the world to connect with God daily.

The band recently released their first 2 singles from their upcoming album: ‘You are the Light’ was released on the 10th January followed by ‘Stone Rolled away’ on the 24th January.

You are the Light was written by Colt Straub, Jonathan Brem and Kasey Straub. Featuring Alethea Grigsby and Jonathan Brem, You are the Light is a praise song defining God as the light that will push out the darkness and lead us through every storm. In Matthew 14, Jesus walked upon the stormy waters and called Simon Peter to join Him. Even through he started to sink, Jesus helped him up and led him to walk upon the water without fear. You will have trials in this life. But if you keep your eyes on Jesus, you will overcome. This is the message of You are the Light.

The minute I listened to their debut single ‘You are the Light’ I immediate knew this band were one to follow in 2020. From the opening drum beats to the inclusion of a syntesizer I knew this was going to be a song to make me get up and dance for Jesus. Alethea’s opening vocals singing, ‘ In the mist of the storm I know your name. In the dark of the night I know you’re there.’ were enough to make me feel the conviction of God’s breakthrough in her life, my life and it will do the same for you. The eclectic mix of synth and rock made this song an upbeat mix of traditional “worship formula” with a new modern edge. The lyrical rap spoken by Jonathan was reminiscent of 29th Chapters lyrical rhythm on Tim Hughes’ 2004 single ‘Saviour’ and I absolutely loved it.

Stone Rolled Away was written by Colt and Kasey Straub. This worship song is a celebration of the hope that we find through the resurrection of Christ.   

“So the resurrection means we are forgiven and transformed by the power of the Living Lord. Sin and death have no power over us. We can overcome every temptation and endure every trial because of the resurrection. The risen Christ lives in us day by day, enabling us to walk in victorious faith and obedience. This is not behavior modification. It is the living, transforming power of Jesus! We have a new life in Christ.” – Jack Graham

The raw sound of Colt’s voice intertwined with Kasey’s and the melodic orchestral tones made this song one I wanted to listen to over and over again. Especially during moments of my day when I spent time mediatating on God’s word and simply coming to him with troubles and laying them at the foot of the cross. This song is a reminder of hope, love and ressurection. Not just Jesus’ ressurection, but the promise of all the things that we may have let die, ours dreams, hope, faith and how God can ressurrect those in us again. That dying unto our old selves and becoming new in Christ is possible in him and through him as he already died for all of our faults and failures.

I was given a pre-release listen of 3 further singles ‘ Breathe on Us’, ‘Never End‘ and ‘I will not fear‘. All of which spoke to me in a million different ways and for many different reasons, as I am sure they will do for you too when your listen to this EP and I assure you, your going to be waiting in anticiption for this worship bands next album. By God’s grace I am sure there are great things to come from this band.

Ovation Worship’s first EP titled ‘Ovation Worship Live’ is released tomorrow, 7th February and can be downloaded on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to the bands first 2 singles now on any major streaming platform of your choice. Links below.

Listen to – You are the Light HERE. 

Listen to – Stone Rolled Away HERE.

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