Trust: My word for 2020

aisharebeccawritesJanuary 13, 2020

Wow! Welcome to a New YEAR and a New DECADE lovely people. I hope that you were able to enjoy Christmas and New Year with the people you love the most. It was my first Christmas and New Year in my new home, in a new country, with the new dog, same old Julian. Thankful!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first christmas away from my entire family, however I was pleased to take the time to relax, reflect on 2019 and the 2010’s as a whole and be grateful for the things I had done, the trials and storms I’d faced that had made me stronger. My word for 2019 was PERSERVERANCE, and I never knew how much I would need to trust in God and perservere over the course of the year and as I took time to reflect on the whole decade God showed me how PERSERVERANCE was never really my word of the year, but in fact my word of that decade. It was a long and hard decade peppered with a dash of happy times. But now it’s time to stop looking back and to continue moving forward.

“It’s time to STOP looking back and continue to MOVE FORWARD.”

My word for 2020 is TRUST. I have trouble letting go and I constantly want perfection in everything and everyone. It doesn’t exist and in holding myself to such high esteem I only set myself up to fall,doubt and walk in unbelief of my abilities. Now is the time to trust in the Lord and in the process and HIS plan. I have tried and failed so many times trying to do things MY way. So I am faithfully walking blind in this next season of my life and in giving every portion of my life to God, already during this first week of 2020, I have seen God do such great things in my life.

To trust in the Lord is to give over all that you are and all that is happening in your life and allowing him to guide you. In the past I have had a rather wishy washy approach to letting God’s will be done in my life. Always the storm enraged further and I have constantly been pulled under the waves when I said “God here I am. Take all that I AM and YOUR WILL BE DONE.” When really in prayer I was saying your will be done, but having fingers crossed behind my back in a ‘but maybe I can do it myself anyways attitude’.

Have you ever said you’re trusting in God and then you end up trying to lean on your own understanding? You know that song? The long and winding road. Do you ever feel like life is just like that song? Trying to get off the winding road and find that straight path. It has taken me a long time to realise. A- The road will always be a bit winding. You will do loop-the-loops that is natural. Often God puts us through a stormy season to test us. B – If we aren’t acknowledging God how is he to make our paths straight?

“Often God puts us through stormy seasons to test us.”

A life following Jesus was never meant to be easy. Trusting in God doesn’t mean we don’t go through stormy weathers, it means that even if we are thrown out the boat on occasions, or wander into the dark forests we will ultimately be lead back onto a straight path. HIS straight path.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” – (Proverbs 3:5-6) ESV

There are so many verses in the Bible that talk about trusting in God and the abundance of blessings you get from doing just that.

The one I’d say that I love is this verse and version from PROVERBS 3:6-7 from KJV “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.” and I think it is important to unpack the verse to better understand it in relation to my word for 2020: TRUST.

The first part of verse 6 takes about trusting the Lord with “ALL thine heart”. Do you always do that? I know I don’t. I have usually had the, “I trust you but I want to remain in control” outlook to trusting in my heavenly Father. You know when your like okay God enoughs enough. My way hasn’t worked, (as per usual), I’m giving it all to you now and then when the proverbial crap hits the fan I’m like oh wait your way isn’t working the way I planned or is taking far too long so I’m just going to take control again and I’m sure 50,000 times the charm.

In part two we are told to “not lean on or own understanding“. When we start question why us? Why didn’t that job oppurtunity work out for me? Why did that relationship fail? Or why does my partner not see my point on X,Y,Z and we begin to doubt the things that we cannot yet see, that is us leaning on our own understanding. When we don’t understand why our blessings haven’t come to fruition yet or why the marriage, the baby, the job, the money, the business hasn’t come to us and been fruitful in our timeline, we doubt that God will ever do it. But remember, a year in our lives is like a minute in God’s eyes and God doesn’t break promises. If he said it or has shown it to you, or the Holy Spirit has given you that bubbling butterflies in your stomach heart palpatation feeling that this is the right thing for you;then you have to be blind and TRUST IT! When we try to do things or manifest things in our own timing we will always be left disappointed when it hasn’t happened yet because we are relying on ourselves, when the onus in on relying and trusting in HIM.


Verse 7 talks about acknowledging him in “all thy ways”. If we are honest how many of us truly acknowledge God in all thy ways? I will own up and say I haven’t always done this and there are days I still fail at this miserably. When things go right I’m happy, but am I rushing to the altar of God and saying thank you? Not always, at least not straight away. It could be days before I acknowledge God’s hand in something. Shameful I know. But I never said I was a perfect daughter. Who is right? Even in the storm am I acknowledging that God will get me throguh this? Sometimes, NO! If the opportunity is missed am I praising God for the closed door or wallowing that he let something that was for me slip through my fingers? Truth is. It wasn’t for me. If it was for me he’d of given it too me. We need to be acknowledging God for open doors, but be blessed about the closed ones too.

“We need to be acknowledging God for open doors, but be blessed about the closed ones too. “

“He shall direct thy paths.” Direction? Ever felt like you’ve been completely lost in the wilderness and have nothing to guide you back on the right track? If you are Trusting in God and acknowlegding him at every cross roads in your life, that long and winding road gets less winding and more straight. When we talk about being in alignment with God, this is what I envision. A straight line that goes from point A to point B. No second guessing, no sharp turns, no wnding road that look slike its been assmebled by Mr.Messy himself. But a straight road with firm rocks, guiding the path that God has for our lives. If we aren’t following God’s direction then we are never going to reach the plan, purpose and final destination he has for us.

When we GO OUR OWN WAY we are forever trying to cut back the long grass in the wilderness of wrong turns. When we FOLLOW HIS DIRECTION our paths are made straight because we are aligned with his will. So this is why trusting in him is so important and not forever thinking well that didn’t work out God, maybe I should take back the reigns.

When we FOLLOW HIS DIRECTION our paths are made straight because we are aligned with his will. ”

So I fully intend to TRUST in the LORD and BELIEVE in GOOD THINGS to come. 2020, with blind faith and A LOT of trust in my God. I’m coming for you.

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