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aisharebeccawritesNovember 7, 2019

So finally my Mum and I made it to the final shopping capital of the world in the “big four”. Having previously seen London,Paris and New York. I’ve not lived in the UK since the beginning of 2018, so the transition to a permenant move to the Netherlands hasn’t been too taxing on us, but we do miss spending quality time together, so it was a welcome change to meet somewhere in the middle and explore somewhere new together.

We were met with a rainy day on landing and the hotel was a bit further away than initally suggested on, but we made it none the less, albeit a bit wet through and cold. But we did venture out to Central station and grabbed a pizza and a gorgeous glass of red wine which improved our initial mood from the bad weather.

Vegans welcome in Milan

Mum’s top matches her pizza 😉

The following day we explored the ‘Duomo’ area and the cathedral was just a work of art. Never had I seen such a huge and magnificent part of architecture. It looked even more amazing lit up at night.

Duomo square – Cathedral

We considered touring the inside but the queues went on forever,so we hit the shops instead. When in…well…Milan!

Architcture in the shopping centre was stunning. This picture does not do it justice.

We ate our second pizza, but the house wine was not to standard in the second restaurant. Better off sticking to a bottle of finer wine, which we more than made up for with an evening at Savini’s. Mum ate my nibbles as they were not vegan. But the wine was lush.

Mummy and daughter time

Saturday saw better weather, but transport issues due to train strikes. We didn’t quiet make it to the bigger lakes of Garda or Como, but we got to Como Lago which has a great view too and I finally got to have some pasta which I’d been wanting from day one.

Spaghetti Alioli

Overall, it was a lovely trip, made special because I got to spend it with my Mum and get some good quality time together. We are already planning our next trip.I dare say we will be back in Milan again soon. Lake Como and Garda we are coming for you.

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