Getting out of a spiritual funk

aisharebeccawritesOctober 11, 2019

I have to be honest, because we all know social media is doctored to make everyone on the outside feel like you’re a ray of sunshine on the inside. That you have (some things if not everything) all together and that even…your walk with God is always purposeful. WRONG! It’s all wrong.

So…here goes… I have been in a spiritual funk lately. There I said it. Vulnerability is strength and here I sit being vulnerable with my followers and the world and saying to you its okay to not always be okay. My funk has been short in comparision to some or maybe long to some others. But I’m in a spiritual funk and I have struggled to connect with God lately. But I’m going to get out of it and I wanted to share how I usually do this in order to help others who feel funky. I don’t mean in the Casper Cha-Cha slide song “Let’s get funky” kind of way, but in the raw and digusting, I have a funky smell like when you do a bad fart (don’t act like you don’t!) kind of funk.

“Vulnerability is strength.”

Blast the worship – When I can’t find the strength and discipline to spend time with God in prayer I worship him instead. I put on some of my favourite worship artists, turn the stereo up full blast and just sing my little heart out. It really gets me pumped and I find that after doing this for a few days singing turns into speaking and the words just flow through me from the Holy Spirit.

Get Moving – I love exercise. Specifically the gym and dancing. I find getting outdoors and deviating from the norm helps when I’m in a spiritual funk. Keeping the exact same routine for time with God may work for some people, but it really doesn’t work for me. I know trying to schedule in a set time for prayer each day should be easy, but sometimes schedules don’t allow for that. So I tend to try to mix it up and make time when I know I have an hour in between working to just say, okay I’m free now I’ll spend that time with God. I sit down I open the bible and….nothing! It just doesn’t come. So that’s when I take the time to go for a walk, do some dance practice or hit the gym. I try to have a change of scenery and say okay God speak to me. It usually works. God speaks and I listen. Sometimes praying at home doesn’t work because it is so easily to get distracted by other things. So I remove myself from the comfort of home and walk in nature. I’m getting fresh air, clarity of mind and that aids the process.

Be still and silent– I know this contradicts what I just said. However, once I walk off the anxiety that floods through me because I feel the “I’m a bad christian” vibe, I find that the issue usually lies in me not listening. I begin talking AT God not TO him. That only leads to my prays sounding forced and empty. I want real authentic prayer and sometime to get back to that I need to just say “God, where are we? What can I do for you right now?” Let God speak to you. He gave us two ears and one mouth for that exact reason.

Do a bible plan – When I’m struggling to read and understand what God is saying to me. I go back to basics. I look on the youversion bible app and find a relevant short plan (no more than 5 days) and I use that to reengage with God and His word. The app allows me to read portions of scripture save them and re-read them (usually before bed). It helps me focus and hear small snippets without overwhelming me into thinking I can’t hear God if I don’t know what I’m focusing on and reading right now. It gets rid of the “this is too big for me to do” and casts out that fear and doubt issue that likes to rear its ugly head and get me even more down in the dumps.

Fun with Friends – Go and see your friends. Often God uses people and talks through them to you. When I’m struggling with God time I just go spend time with members of my Tribe. The ones that lift me up and often can pray for me and listen for me too. It’s nice to connect with my sisters in Christ (I’m glad to have made some good girlfriends here in the Netherlands, it’s made not seeing my UK girlies that bit easier) and just hang, watch movies, sometimes pray or worship, but mostly just have a laugh and eat…we love to eat and on occasion drink wine too – haha!!

Relax – Sometimes when I can’t get into authentic prayer time with God. I stop beating myself up. I just say okay this is not working and I’m not having time with God that is half-arsed so I just don’t. I take time out. Take a long bath or shower, light some candles watch a move and then try again the following day. I don’t feel like I “missed out on God time”. Usually it is when I’m just having some self-care relaxation time that I recharge and can go full throttle for Him again. Jesus took time to rest so why don’t we do it more often?

So, there it is . A few things I do when I’m in a spiritual funk and not connecting with God in a way that helps me or pleases him.

Are you currently in a spiritual funk? What do you do to get out of it? Or do you just let it run its course until such as time?

Love and blessings,

Aisha Rebecca

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