Hello Autumn!

aisharebeccawritesSeptember 23, 2018

This weekend marks the begin of the Autumn season. My favourite time of year. The trees green leaves have already begun to turn their autumnal hues of yellowish, orange and red. The temperature dropped rapidly over the weekend and I’m already finding myself wanting to reach for the cosy jumpers and warm socks.

The end of my nose has already begun to feel the cold and the need for warm comforting soups had me reaching for the vegetables today.

There is always a bitter-sweetness to Autumn and that is her cruel, harsh sister – Winter making an appearance from Mid-November. But for now I shall enjoy the crisp cool breath of Autumn whilst she is here.

During October, I will be writing “Letters to Autumn”, one letter per day to my favourite seasonal sister in homage to how beautiful she is.

For now I leave you with my top 5 faves of Autumn.

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    Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (and hot drinks in general) – Poland however (at least in Toruń) does not have Starbucks and so I will have to forgo this delicious Autumnal drink for a while. I will however be loving the hot chocolates, especially with coconut milk, and a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon.

  2. autumn walk

    Walks in the crisp Autumn leaves – I hate to be cold, but there is something about talking a longer walk by a lake or in a forest where the leaves are falling all around you and you can hear them crunching under your winter boots.

  3. 20180923_183751

    Soup season – Autumn is the season for warming vegetable soups and who doesn’t love a good soups to warm them up n the evenings? I know I do!

  4. autumn nature

    Natural beauty of nature – Nature is beautiful all year round, but there is something about how Autumn sheds her green coat in favourite of a multitude of golden- yellows, reds and browns that has me in ore of the splendour of God’s world.

  5. cuddle weather

    Cosy clothing, cuddles (and evening catch-ups) – In Summer hugs deplete, as we all get that sticky, warm, sweaty feeling and rather than embrace each other we want to smack anyone who comes to close up side their head. Well….me? Not so much hugs all year round I’m forever cold! But, when the cooling air of Autumn hits, I love nothing more than wrapping up in warm scarves,hats and cosy fluffy socks, cuddling up with my friends and family of the sofa with a huge blanket and watching various forms of different films on the box.

I don’t know what form these things will take whilst living in Polski, but I’m looking forward to introducing autumn traditions to new friends and creating new ones too.

This Autumn in a new country is set to be full of mysterious misty hues of new beginnings and adventure bounty travels and I’m lucky to have been blessed with some pretty cosy cuddles already. Forever grateful and blissfully blessed in this town know as Toruń and the beautiful people God has graced me with.

So Autumn, here’s to you and the amazing awestruck beauty you provide. My eyes fill a new each year with every new day of surprises you give. This one I feel is going to be awesome.


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