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We are not kind to each other. Humans have become so self absorbed in their own wants and needs, fighting to “get to the top”, that we’ve forgotten what it means to love one another and it’s making us live bitter lives. Do you agree?

I look at children and how happy most of their little lives start out. They are usually surrounded by loving parents, grandparents and extended family members who build them up tell them they can achieve anything they set their little minds to and can be whoever they want to be.

Then somewhere between starting school and becoming teenagers someone or something seems to rob them of the belief that they can be whatever they want. Some may call it realism, I call it self-doubt and sometimes there are pains in our lives that harden our hearts. Loved ones die, some of us get bullied by people who are simply hurting inside too and need someone to attack and blame for all the anguish they feel on the inside.


I’m a bit of a softy myself. My Mum, partner and friends would tell you I take a lot of things to heart. It is true I cannot fix the world problems, I probably couldn’t even fix my friends problems, but I can be kind. I’m older and mature than I once was and I know that not everyone in this world will be as kind as I try to be to others. However, you can never truly know what one little act of kindness can do for someone. You could be that one person who transforms their day.

God designed us to be kind and loving, but the harsh realities of this fallen world have created us into hardened humans with a cold mindset to how we speak to others. We are quick to use sharp tongues to speak against others and often tear down already struggling, doubt ridden minds to within an inch of themselves. Self belief is gone and we often erode any signs of strength that can be rebuilt. But we must build each other up. We must speak in a way that is recognised as words Jesus would have spoken over his people. We must love as Jesus loves.

“Don’t lose your grip on Love and Loyalty. Tie them around your neck; carve their initials on your heart. Earn a reputation for living well in God’s eyes and the eyes of the people.” – Proverbs 3:3-4

Now I’m not saying be a push over and there can often be a fine line between that and kindness, but I am saying we should seek to outwardly be lights in other peoples darkness. It is so easy to knock each other down with the words we say. Take gardeners for example. They prune and weed their plants, then tend to there soil, making sure it’s nourished and they water it with good vibes daily. So, why do we not pay such due care and attention to each other? Imagine if the words you spoke over someone etched onto your body like irremovable tattoos? Would you still speak them for the world to read? I think not.

So today I challenge you. To speak words of kindness over the people you meet daily. Be kind to those that often do not deserve our kindness and perhaps they’ll learn to do the same through you. Build each other up and encourage those you meet to “pay it forward”. It’s amazing what one very minute act of kindness could do. Let’s plant seeds of happiness wherever we go.

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