Vegan Travels: 4 Things I’ve learned living 4 weeks In Naples

aisharebeccawritesFebruary 4, 2018

Wow! If you’d asked me 2 weeks ago, how I felt my new working and living situation in Naples was going, I would have likely burst into tears and told you that it was going royally rubbish and I wanted to go home. But after completing a month in Italy now I can honestly say that I’m settled.

Whilst it may not feel like home, (my family and my partner are my everything) it is definitely feeling like somewhere I could live again. My job is six months and after that I will like take some time to go back to the UK and see where I may want to go next.

I definitely feel like I am in a season of growth and God is really pushing me out of my comfort zone. In a season of growth it is important to let God stretch you to your limits. He will only take you to the end of yourself to improve upon the person he created you to be. He is the potter and we are his clay. Let him mould and shape you.

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4 things I’ve learned since being in Italy:

  1. Slow down and relax – I have always been a highly strung person. Very tense and stressing out at the slightest thing. I have really begun to embrace the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff” since living here. The student turn up late for class or the teachers are so laid back that, a scheduled lesson at 2 pm may not begin until 2.40 pm! But I have learned to take it all in my stride. The Italians tend to live longer. I think a part of that is not getting stressed about the things out of our control and learning to breathe in the storm. I’m learning how to breathe now.
  2. Try the lingo – I was worried about learning Italian here in Italy but I have found that the locals are so willing to help if you simply just try. After one month living here I have already picked up enough phrases to buy train tickets and order in a restaurant which isn’t bad going really.
  3. Make Friends – It has really helped that I’ve been lucky to find such a good group of teachers to call my new friends in the month I’ve lived here. Also making friends with some of the locals has been fantastic too.
  4. Go Explore – The main reason I came here was to explore and see as much of Italy as a possibly could. So I’m making the most of the time I have here and going to see as much of it as I can. Hope you enjoy journeying with me.

Today we visited Pompeii, so be sure to check in for a new post on that. I’ll also be trying to post some more reviews for : #menstrualmondays and Eco-Wednesdays so don’t forget to sign up and get them directly to your inbox.

Until next time green fish…

Blessings and Ciao.

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