Happy 1st veganversary

aisharebeccawritesJanuary 1, 2018

Well, the first of January marks a New Year and my first full year completed as a vegan.

When I look back on how I’ve felt health wise last year, the vegan lifestyle has definitely helped me for the better.

I have made some changes to how I eat and find I eat bigger but healthier meals. I’ve also had more energy and was able to join a gym in 2017 and gain a bit more muscle mass and abs definition.

3 Things I’ve learned since going vegan:

  1. Veganism isn’t about being perfect, it’s about causing the least harm to the planet as possible.

  2. Everyone who is not vegan will become a nutritionist when you turn vegan. Commonly heard: Where do you get your protein? Or the miss informed “Cows need to be milked”. I went vegan for environmental reasons, so it always presents a good opportunity to discuss minimalism and zero waste lifestyles rather than just the the slaughter of animals. They may also justify why they eat meat, even though my only comment is that I’m vegan this sometimes happens. I let people talk and never preach. Those that want to find out more will without you forcing things upon them.

  3. Exercise is more fun cooking is more adventurous. I enjoy looking at new recipes and trying out new things as well as yoga, gym and hopefully back to dance soon.

So, as veganuary begins again I hope all those vegan-curious of you out there do your research and all those trying it for the first time or again as you didn’t compete if last year or didn’t stick to it…best of luck.

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