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aisharebeccawritesJune 25, 2017

So, finally my long awaited thoughts on my recent trip to Rome, Italy.

Mum and I went for Whitsunday weekend and got very lucky with the Italian weather. Sunshine all round. It made me happy. Bring on the Sunshine.

Outside St.Peter’s Church

This was my first trip abroad since transitioning to veganism back in January, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how Italia fared in ‘the rise of the vegans’ fanfare.

Let’s just say the Italians really do have a way with food. The first day, after our Vatican tour we ventured to a street that had a parade of restaurants, recommended to us by our tour guide. Thank God for Irena. Who wants to be traipsing around looking for someplace to eat when they are beyond hungry, not me that’s for sure!

After reading a few menus we settled on a little eatery called ‘Il mozzicone’. Which I was impressed with A) because they did reusable napkins and table cloths – no paper and B) because they have a good enough menu to cater for vegans. I set my sight on roast potatoes. Roast potatoes? In Italy I here you cry? Where’s the pasta?! But trust me guys these roast potatoes were to die for! I had a lovely green salad with it. I wanted to keep it light so I could fit all the yummy pasta in my belly later on.

Resuable napkins 🙂

The second night after a day of sightseeing on the big red sightseeing bus – Colosseum, Trevi fountain, stopped for another bite to eat. This time I opted for a marinara pizza and ordered grilled veggies along side it. Yum!

All in all, I’d give Rome a 7/10 for vegan food catering. Saying that we were only there for a very short time and tried only 2 restaurants out of 100’s, which just means I’ll have to go back very soon a scope out more grub. Roma I’ll be seeing you again  very soon.

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