Veganuary-Week One

aisharebeccawritesJanuary 7, 2017

Wow, I have made it through the first week of Veganuary. Who’d have thought it?

I knew I’d struggle with some aspects of going dairy free, but overall I feel the week has gone okay. Having the daily email updates from weareveganuary spurring me on and support from my friends and family (honestly didn’t know how that one would go) has really helped me in the begin of this new journey.

So, what exactly have I learned from my first week of veganuary?

“Free From” doesn’t always mean “FREE FROM EVERYTHING.”

So, Mid week I had an incident. I bought a free-from ‘Toad in the Hole’ from Sainsburys and posted my efforts on instagram. I then read the back again and discovered I hadn’t read the label as closely as I thought in the supermarket. It contained EGGS. No matter, at least I was trying right? right? Only to then have it pointed out to me that the packaging sated they were pork sausages. PORK!!! I ate Babe. I ATE BABE! 16 years as a vegetarian. Never deviating, no slip ups. I turn vegan for a week and focus so hard on keeping dairy free I didn’t even check the free from aisle was free from everything. I cannot change the fact I ate a pig, but mortified doesn’t even begin to tell you how bad I feel. It’ll take me a while to get over that one. But it also begs the question. Why are we consuming animals?, when the vegan options taste practically the same. I thought I was consuming vegetarian sausages, like I have for so many years. The fact I didn’t taste the difference surely proves that the consumption of animals is beyond comprehension. If I didn’t tell the difference what make meat eaters believe that “it won’t be the same”. Food for thought……

The “offending” Article

Read the label once twice and the AGAIN

After the traumatic incident with the pig – “sorry Babe/Hamm and family”, I got more scrupulous about reading labels on everything. This did slow me down somewhat when food shopping, but I am resolved to partaking in Veganuary correctly. What I did find however, was that I was more conscious about the processed snacks I picked up and tried to avoid ready meals, in favour of buying fresh, wholesome ingredients. Granted mistakes will still happen, I’m fully aware of that but at least if I can check the labels over and over it’ll give me more piece of mind and body parts off my plate!

Check for Allergens

I almost had another incident. This time with a Granola bar. I went to eat it. I do like granola, but irked on the side of caution. I sure am glad I did. It contained almonds. I have a nut allergy! That really was a close one there. I am finding a lot of vegan recipes contain nuts as they are a fantastic source of protein. However, for nut allergy suffers like myself it can make meal times a challenge. It is something I want to work on in the coming weeks.

Don’t worry about the wind

If you get embarrassed I’d click of this post not. Let’s talk flatulence. Yes, there has bene a lot more of that than usual. It’ll be all the beans and pulses I’ve been consuming. Along with my body simply adjusting it compsotion and riding itself of any toxins. I’ve switched form cheese to dairy free options and vegan butters so its bound to be a bit more windy.Luckily for me I don’t particularly get embaressed abotu bodily functions. I discuss periods for goodness sake!

Cooking from scratch is easy if you plan (and fun to boot)

One thing I have noticed is that in avoiding the ready meals and cooking from scratch I can enjoy experimantation of ingredients and flavours. I am eating more fruit and vegatables and enjoying an array of things I wouldn’t thought to try before.

“Bean bolognese”

Zero Waste – Invest in a compost bin!

When cooking a couple of my meals this week it suddenly dawned on me the amount of fruit and vegetable peelings I was dooming to end up in landfill, when I should be composting it all and then using it as compost in the garden soil come spring. This is another challenge of being zero waste and still living at home, if my mum isn’t “down with it” then I cannot push my lifestyle on her. It is something I have always said. However, as I live between home and my partners I have persuaded him it’ll be a great invested, especially as we work towards a home of our own. It may not come to fruition in the month of veganuary but I’m definitely having a scout out or option come the month of commercial love (aka February).

My goals for Next Week…..

More of the same. I’ve enjoyed cooking from scratch more than I though I would. I will definitely be read labels more closely. Try to find nut free alternatives to the recipes I’ve found containing them and will try to adapt and I also want to experiment with the tofu I bought in the week . So, I’m scanning the internet and my new vegan cook book for inspiration.

Are any readers trying veganuary? Or set themselves up for a challenge this month? Want to know more read here. Leave your comments below. 

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