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aisharebeccawritesJanuary 6, 2017

Happy Friday’s Thought day Eco Warriors and a Happy New year to you as well.

A new year always brings with it new hope, and a resolve to make resolutions last past the first few days.

I have 5 main things I’m striving for in 2017 . But I’m also not putting pressure on myself to keep to them. After all nothing is set in stone and personally, I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to stick to our resolutions only to give up the minute we fail on the third, second or even first day. We forget to pick ourselves up and try again.


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If you’ve read ‘My Story’ you’ll know that I have been striving to live a more plant-based lifestyle. That I’d already given up milk because of how it made me feel physically and how I’d toyed with going vegan fully after being vegetarian for 16 years. So after mooching around on Instagram for a while getting tips from the vegans I do follow, I came across,@weareveganuary, looked at their websiteand have signed up. Those of you that follow me on Instagram can see my Day by Day progress and food, loves, hates and epic fails. I’ll also be doing a weekly round-up on my blog throughout January.

More Minimalism & Zero Waste

#Minimalism quote 12 Perks of Living as a Minimalist Family http://www.soulprintlife.com/?p=221:
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Obviously, there will be more of the same. Minimalism and Zero Waste are a big parts of my blog and my new lifestyle. I have managed to save more by owning less. I am no longer consumed my things and want to make room for more memories. Yes, some material possessions fill me with joy and therefore I have kept them. But, all the clothes shopping, buying practically the same style of shoe/boot in a variety of colours, buying to be happy. In actual fact, all that consumerism was causing me was stressed and organised chaos. Once I streamlined my wardrobe, got rid of the majority of sentimental nick knacks that I barely even looked at since school and stopped holding on to the crap that didn’t enrich my life I felt free. My mind felt less cluttered, I felt like I had air around me to finally breathe and I didn’t need to feel emotionally tied to stuff. We shouldn’t be tied to stuff we should be more tied to people. We’re doing life all wrong. Collecting things instead of making memories. Now I’m less tied to things I’m creating less waste. I throw less away. I invest in more expensive things that will last longer and go with me through life. I value the things I own, not longer seeing them as disposable. I don’t use disposables. But, sometimes things slip and that’s okay. This year is about learning and the is a journey that I continue to travel in my own way and at my own pace.


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I once took a media class at school and one quote that has stuck with me throughout life is: Knowledge = Money, Money =Power, once you have power you can do anything you want (so to speak). But the bit that has always resonated with me isn’t the power nor even the money, but KNOWLEDGE. Sure Power may be great, but power to me always invoked a sense of fear. Why would you want to be feared? Sure who wouldn’t want more money in there lives to “live a little better”, but I feel this just adds to the pressure of not failing in life the keeping up with the Jones’ trend we can’t seem to shift and thus prevents us being satisfied with what we already have. Money feeds into consumerism more to show off the copious amounts of money we have big house, flash cars the biggest diamond we can buy. and takes away from what I’m striving for and the reason I wrote-Minimalism and zero waste being happy with what we have. Having “just enough”. So, I’m resolving to equip myself with more knowledge. To research the Minimalist and Zero Waste lifestyle. To progress on my self-fulfilling journey of discovery and advise those who may wish to begin their own journeys. To impart knowledge to others who question why I’m living this lifestyle and what I gain out of blogging about my endeavours. I strive to continue to question the rules of the society we live in. To ask myself how we have come to have such a “throw away” culture and why we aren’t questioning how long we can live this way without asking how we can change it and make it better.To Teach.


The world is a book... St. Augustine quote:
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St. Augustine once said “The world is a book and all those who do not travel read only one page”. I have always wished to travel the world. I said it when I went through school, after university I was adamant I was going to see the world. I was going to be the young twenty something that backpacked around Europe, hiked the Inca Trails take in Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Yet, years later life got away from me, things happened, more pressing commitments ensued and I’m yet to do all those things. But this year! This year, I am resolved and more determined than ever to get on a plane,train boat take the car and see more, do more,LIVE MORE. This is the year I WILL travel. That’s my motto, not “I MAY” but “I WILL”.

“Me Time”

2017 is my year and I will concentrate on me! I've wasted too much time on others when it's not returned. New year brand new me!!!!:
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We live in a society that is ever “busy”.  We often work 8 hours days, sometimes more and strive to keep “working hard” to get what? More Money? More Success? – whatever that looks like to you personally. We rush around doing this things, seeing this person, days out, nights in. We are always ON and in the process our bodies and minds eventually switch OFF from fatigue. We often burn ourselves at to maximum zombie levels. SO this year I strive to spend more time with me, myself and I. Going a new “journey of self discover” and learning or about what I love, what I hate, what my passions are and learning new things. I won’t be afraid to turn down yet another meal out with friends or feel bad about not seeing my God kids for the 4th week in a row. This year I want to spend time with others, makes more ever lasting memories, but revel in the mysteries of spending time mostly with myself and not feel guilty or like I need to apologise for that. Taking time to unwind, go on solo walks or road trips, check myself into a retreat and every once in a while treat myself, my mind and my body to some well needed recuperation.

I have begun my new year as I means to go on. What resolutions, task, goals have you set yourself? Are you taking active steps to achieve life long dreams and aspirations? Are you a “set in stone” kind of person or are you winging it”? Leave your thoughts and comments below and if you have any tips for unwinding be sure to let me know.

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