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aisharebeccawritesOctober 24, 2016

Muff Fluff-CSP (formerly Muff Fluff UK), was established in April 2016 by London based CSP maker and WAHM Kelly Fowler. I have purchased 1 moderate and 3 panty liners from Muff Fluff UK.

In the 6 short months that Muff Fluff-CSP has been trading, the company has managed to add around 10 new members per week to their customer base and expand the range from not only Cloth sanitary products, but also branch out into eco living – with a range of kitchen unpaper towels, sponges,wipes, cotton pad pockets for ease of travel and keeping safely in a bag and breast pads for those of you that may be expectant mothers. Fantastic!

Customer Service

I cannot fault Kelly’s customer service skills in any way, shape or form. I found her via a friend, who had already been wearing cloth pads for a while and guided me to Kelly’s Facebook page after reading my initial blogs about Cloth sanitary products. You can read about my initial thoughts on ordering via a Facebook page on my first Muff Fluff blog here.

Kelly was patient and non patronizing. I had a lot of questions to begin with (I still ask her them now) and she was nothing but kind. Helping me to navigate the photo albums of fabrics, explaining the different lengths and absorbencies her pads came in and making the ordering and payment process as simple as possible. She will take the time to answer all your queries so you can make an informed decision. Her patience and professionalism would make anyone wonder how her business has only been establish for a mere 6 months!


The absorbency rating on the Muff Fluff pads is a straightforward and easy to follow system. Kelly did work on a 4 point system to determine absorbency (see below), but has since taken to an easier method after gaining feedback from her customers. She now has embroidered onto each label what the pad actually is e.g., Liner, Light, Regular, Heavy or Extra Heavy (which can be used as a post partum standard for those who may be expecting). Kelly prefers to call them extra heavies, even though they are classed as both so that she doesn’t alienate those who cannot or choose not to have children, with the term post partum obviously being linked with pregnancy. A lovely thoughtful touch I think.

0* = Liner

1*= Light

2*= Regular/Moderate

3*= Heavy

There is also a small excerpt on how to clean and care for the pads. Washing on a cold rinse around 40 degrees C. It explains to not use fabric softener (this ruins absorbency of cloth pads) and then to air dry (on the washing line or an airier works best I find).

All four pads have been through the wash on numerous occasions and not one has frayed or become mis-shapened. None have lost the bright colours in the fabric and all have remained soft. The cotton topped pads have become slightly rougher over time but that’s more to do with the nature of the fabric then anything else and they don’t affect the general wear ability month by month.


Cruella Pointy Moderate

The one and only moderate I have from Muff Fluff-CSP is this beautiful Cruella De Vil design. *Please note Muff Fluff-CSP have now ceased making character designed pads, due to copyrighting infringements.*

Size: 10″ Moderate

Width: 2.75″

Topper: Cotton

Inner: Bamboo and Flannel

Backing: Polar Fleece

Thoughts: This pad is so comfortable. It’s not too thick or bulky, which is just how I like them, it doesn’t skimp on absorbency. When wearing over a 2-3 hour period (no pun intended) it holds my flow incredibly well. I’m fairly light even on my heaviest days anyway and the pointy shape works well. It gives me good coverage towards the back which is where I tend to bleed the most. The stitching is immaculate and the one snap fastener setting works well. It doesn’t bunch up or move around in my underwear and moves with me when I move. All in all a great pad.

Panty liners

Ursula pointy Panty liner

I bought a matching panty liner at the same time I bought the “Cruella” pad but this one is with an Ursula on the print.

Size: 7″ ‘pointy’ Panty liner

Width: 2.75″

Topper: Cotton

Inner: Flannel

Backing: Polar fleece

Thoughts: The little sister to the moderate pad this panty liner is small in stature but mighty in work. Snapped up it looks absolutely tiny and the second smallest in my pad stash even at 7″. The size at first made me a little worried about its absorbency and whether it would be able to hold my flow even if it is lonely being worn on my lightest days. But it didn’t fail me. I hardly remembered I was wearing a pad at times with this one and it is my go to panty liner for menstrual cup back up too.

Dracula Panty Liner

Size: 7″  ‘flat topped’ Panty liner

Width: 2.5″

Topper: Jersey

Inner: Flannel

Backing: Polar fleece

Thoughts: This flat topped designed jersey topped panty liner is up there with my favourites thus far. The design of the pad works really well for my body. In comparison to the pointy topped designs of my other two panty liners, this one seems to snap to a slightly wider width, but still small enough for my petite frame, thus not feeling too big or bulky when I move around. The jersey top design is soft and has remained so, during all the wearing and washing its been through. I love to wear it when I’m feeling tender and tight in my vaginal muscles as it is soft and soothing and not rough against the most intimate part of my body.

Harry Potter Panty Liner

Size: 7″ ‘pointy’ Panty liner

Width: 2.75″

Topper: Jersey

Inner: Flannel

Backing: Polar fleece

Thoughts: This is my newest addition to my stash. I have yet to wear it, but will no doubt enjoy the softness of the jersey top, as I do with my Dracula pad.

I have to say I do love the pads I own from Muff Fluff-CSP and intend to treat myself to a few more with Christmas around the corner. I couldn’t recommend this CSP company more highly. Kelly – keep up the good work. It’s 5 stars from me.

Have you ever tried pads from Muff Fluff -CSP? If so what did you think? If not why not?

Go and check out the Muff Fluff-CSP Facebook page, or if you want to know more about the CSP community and get some advice and tips directly from Kelly or any of her buyers, you’ll find them all on the Muff Fluff -Friends page here.

Happy Menstrual Shopping ladies.

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