WIWTM: October 2016

aisharebeccawritesOctober 17, 2016

Another month, another period. This month I wore a total of 4 Overnight pads, 15 moderates and 3 Panty liners. I wore no cups this month as I want to give my pads more wearing time to allow for a true reflection of pads and makers when I finally get round to reviewing them.

  • 2 x 13 PSP overnight terry cloth blue and red
  • 13″ Cheeky wipes Overnight
  • 13″ Novel Red NOIR “NINJA style”(moderate/heavy) Organic Bamboo Velour Overnight
  • 11″ NR crushed velvet TWEEDLEDEE straight Moderate
  • 10″ Owls PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Elephants PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Eco Leaf PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Kawaii PSP Moderate
  • 10″ PSP terry cloth red Moderate
  • 10″ PSP terry cloth blue Moderate
  • 10″ terry cloth PSP green Moderate
  • 10″ Muff Fluff UK Cruella De Vil Moderate
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual Russian Doll Moderate
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual Tree of Life Moderate
  • 9″  NR crushed velvet MADHATTER straight Moderate
  • 9″ Cheeky Wipes pink rainbow Moderate
  • 9″ Cheeky Wipes orange rainbow Moderate
  • 9.5″ Earthjunki art print Moderate
  • 7.25″ Environmenstrual Giraffe print Panty liner
  • 7″ PSP Purple swirls Panty liner
  • 7″ Muff Fluff UK Dracula Jersey topped Panty liner

So as always I like to keep these WIWTM blogs short and sweet. But do tell me, what you wore this month. What is your go to pad or Panty liner? Also, who are you favourite makers of the month?

My favourite pads this month has to be my Novel Red NOIR “NINJA style” overnight pad and my Dracua jersey panty liner from Muff Fluff UK. The latter of which I’ll be writing a blog review on this week to be published on next weeks #MenstrualMonday. Until then send me your pictures, questions and thoughts.



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