WIWTM: September 2016

aisharebeccawritesSeptember 26, 2016

I have so many CSP maker reviews to catch up on that I am having to for go my menstrual cups to allow time for true testing of style, fit and absorbency of my cloth pads.

Next week I will finally review Muff Fluff UK pads, but until then Eco Warriors please see the array of CSP I wore in September.

This month I wore a total of  4 overnight pads, 9 Moderates and 5 Panty liners.

  • 2 x 13 PSP overnight terry cloth blue and red
  • 13″ Cheeky wipes Overnight
  • 13″ Novel Red NOIR “NINJA style”(moderate/heavy) Organic Bamboo Velour Overnight
  • 10″ Zigzags PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Colourful Birds PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Green PSP Moderate
  • 10″Blue PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Red PSP Moderate
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual Russian dolls Moderate
  • 9″  NR crushed velvet MADHATTER straight Moderate
  • 9″ Cheeky Wipes purple rainbow Moderate
  • 9″ Cheeky Wipes pink Moderate
  • 9.5″ Earthjunki art print Panty liner
  • 7.25″ Environmenstrual Giraffe print Panty liner
  • 7″ Cheeky Wipes blue Panty liner
  • 7″ PSP Safari print Panty liner
  • 7″ Muff Fluff UK Dracula Jersey topped Panty liner
  • 7″ NR  APRIL SHOWERS Narrow Panty liner

So that concludes this months ‘What I Wore’. As always, post your comments and pictures below.

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