WIWTM: August 2016

aisharebeccawritesAugust 29, 2016

It has taken me a while to trust my menstrual cups to not leak (old habits die hard), so I’m finding myself wearing my cups with regular pads. But I feel I have finally gotten the hang of the insertion and removal process now and fully trust in the products, so I’ll be able to wear more panty liners on cup days without feeling conscious of leakage.

So on to what I wore this month. My Birthday month. Thank God I didn’t have to deal with a birthday period (as you read this, I am likely on a birthday hike in the Lake District), like poor Bryony over at Precious Star Pads. I digress….

This month I wore a total of 4 overnight pads, 9 Moderates and 4 Panty liners.

  •  1 x Lena Cup Small
  • 1 x LenaxBree Cup small
  • 2 x 13 PSP overnight terry cloth blue and red
  • 13″ Cheeky wipes Overnight
  • 13″ Novel Red NOIR “NINJA style”(moderate/heavy) Organic Bamboo Velour Overnight
  • 11″ NR crushed velvet TWEEDLEDEE straight Moderate
  • 10″ Zigzags PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Owls PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Elephants PSP Moderate
  • 10″ Muff Fluff UK Cruella De Vil Moderate
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual Russian Doll Moderate
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual tree of life Moderate
  • 9″  NR crushed velvet MADHATTER straight Moderate
  • 9″ Cheeky Wipes purple rainbow Moderate
  • 9.5″ Earthjunki art print Panty liner
  • 7.25″ Environmenstrual Giraffe print Panty liner
  • 7″ Muff Fluff UK Dracula Jersey topped Panty liner
  • 7″ NR  APRIL SHOWERS Narrow Panty liner


Wow, looking at the list it seems a fair few this month. Probably because my period ran the who 7 days this month.

So readers, What did you wear this month? Did you discover any new cloth pad makers you wanted to try?


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