Menstrual Cup Review: #2

aisharebeccawritesAugust 22, 2016

Lena Cup

(& thoughts on BreexLena)


The LENA cup company was founded by Vili Petrova, who shared a vision to create a cup that she could love and recommend along with a common desire, to better the menstrual lives of womankind everywhere no matter how active and without compromising the resources and the well-being of our planet.

Inspired by this collective desire, she designed the LENA Cup for the active, caring, and modern woman – empowering her to make better choices, for a better quality of life.

Their aim is to ensure that their products are made with minimal waste and impact on the environment. LENA is made in California using locally sourced and tested materials. Our 100% post-consumer waste packaging is produced using bio-gas and is chlorine-free. It is certified by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and printed using vegetable inks.

The LENA website states that they believe all women globally should have access to an affordable and high quality menstrual cup. They are also committed to keeping their retail prices low while maintaining the highest quality possible.

We want to spread awareness on the benefits and the impact of using reusable menstrual products, inspiring women to improve their periods while loving and respecting our planet. ( Taken from the LENA cup page: read more here)

With all of that in mind here is what I thought of the LENA cup and the recent collaboration between LENA and Bryony Farmer of Precious Star Pads.


I absolutely loved the packaging of this cup. The colours are a gorgeous pastel shade of pinks and purples (got to love a bit of purple) with the logo the main focus. It states that it is 100% medical grade silisone. The side states the different sizes for both the small and large cups and the type of flow it caters for. It even comes with a detailed instruction manual of how to insert and remove the cup and how to trim the stem if needed.

The little draw string bag it comes with is lovely, I love the floral detailing and I’ve been using it as a cup spot to allow it natural drying time after sterilisation each month.



The cup rim is fairly thick and initially I was concerned about how easily I’d be able to insert this cup. I struggled to od the punch down fold with this cup, so I opted for the C-fold which worked like a dream. With a little lubricant, I was able to easily insert this cup, and it popped open with ease. My pelvic floor muscles did crush it lightly at first, but with a bit of manoeuvring and running a finger around the rim it popped open and stayed put with ease.

Removal of this cup was fantastic. I couldn’t fault it. I was able to bare down on my muscles and wiggle it downwards to easily grasp the stem (high cervix means no need for trimming the stems-so far), and the grip rings allowed for easy grip too. The fact the cup is soft meant I could easily fold in the rim and remove it, then empty its contents into the toilet as normal.


In total I’ve been wearing the Lena cup for 3 months now, it couldn’t be working any better for me. During the first month I would often check if it needed emptying every 3-4 hours (as you would a disposable tampon), but found that with my medium to light flow the small 25ml cup was only 1/2  if not a 1/4 full, which meant I was able to wear it for longer periods without concern it would leak.

Talking of leakage, it never has. I have found that this cup has not let me down thus far. In the months since I bought it, I’ve worn it overnight on a plane, hiking in the mountains, running errands, during dance rehearsals and never – not once – has this cup leaked on me. I feel confident wearing it all day and over night and don’t worry that it’s going to fail me. Having tried only one cup prior to this one, it is the mother of, leak proofing, sealed tight, no menstrual blood is escaping its notice, nothing is getting past these suction holes goldilocks of style and comfort ensured.

It sure is comfortable. Like I said previously, I went hiking up Slovak mountains with the cup it and I didn’t even notice it. Once inserted it stayed put and didn’t move around. I couldn’t feel it and with its velvety softness and silicone stretchy stem it all but became a distant memory. If it wasn’t for wearing a cloth pad as back up I’d all but have forgotten that it need removing and emptying periodically. It was almost ghost like.


When Bryony first put a post up on her channel announcing that she was doing a collaboration with Lena, I was nothing but excited. After all, if I hadn’t stumbled across her channel 4 months ago, I’d of never begun this journey and may not have revolutionised my health, my lifestyle or enjoyed eco blogging as much as I do now. With minutes of viewing the post a breexlena cup was in my basket of the Precious Star Pads website and on its way to me.

This cup functions in the same way as the original Lena cup, it just comes in this gorgeous turquoise colour with equally wonderful matching drawstring bag.

Both of these cups clean well. I just pop them into my microwavable steriliser and microwave for 5 minutes, then just leave to dry out. I barely even need to scrub the air holes too much as they come out near perfectly clean.

All in all, I cannot fault this cup, the design, wear ability and comfort far surpasses the first and only cup I tried and reviewed before. I think I’ll be enjoying my period with the cup for many years to come.

 LENA cup (my could be “Goldilocks” cup), it’s 5 stars from me.

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