WIWTM: July 2016

aisharebeccawritesJuly 18, 2016

This month I seemed to wear more regular pads. I wore my cup as well, but I had a couple of days where I was mostly at home so I didn’t feel I needed to necessarily wear my menstrual cup as much. A total of 3 overnights,9 moderates and 3 panty liners were worn along with my Lena cup small.

  • 1 x Lena Cup Small
  • 2 x 13 PSP overnight terry cloth blue and red
  • 9″ Zigzags PSP Regular
  • 9″ Colourful Birds PSP Regular
  • 9″ Owls PSP Regular
  • 13″ Cheeky wipes Overnight
  • 9″ Cheeky Wipes purple rainbow Regular
  • 9″ PSP Red Regular
  • 9″ PSP Green Regular
  • 7″ PSP Blue liner
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual Russian Doll Regular
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual tree of life Regularr
  • 7.25″ Environmenstrual Giraffe print Panty liner
  • 7″ Muff Fluff Ursula Panty Liner
  • 10″ Muff Fluff Cruella De Vil Regular


So ladies what lovely wears did you have on this month? Share any new pad cloth makers you think I may like to try below in the comments, along with your pictures.

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