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Me Luna Cup Sport Small



What is Me Luna® made of?

The Me Luna® is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). However, this is not just any TPE – it is a specially produced TPE, where the production is very strictly monitored. This TPE has been approved for the manufacture of medical products and devices. (“TPE” is the generic term for a type of thermoplastic, where by applying heat to the processed elastomers they become flexible.)

We buy our raw material from the manufacturer, Kraiburg GmbH Waldkraiburg. This particular TPE was developed especially for highly sensitive products, and has passed the mucosal irritation test. It is used in environments such as hospitals and paediatric clinics which require a high degree of sterilization, and is approved for use in the medical field. The material is produced in Germany.

Among other things, the Me Luna® material is also used to make teats for baby bottles. Because of the high regulatory requirements for baby products in Germany, you can be assured that Me Luna® is made with top quality materials.

BfR, FDA, 2002/72/EC compliant and certified ISO 10993-10

What happens during production?

Me Luna® is produced entirely in Germany. Our manufacturing facility is located in Gunzenhausen.
During production, the high-quality pure plastic granules are put into a special plastic injection machine, then melted and injected under high pressure into a mould, which creates the Me Luna® shape. This machine makes only one Me Luna® at a time. It is removed from the machine after cooling, and every Me Luna® undergoes immediate inspection. This means that it is checked on all sides, as well as for tiny air bubbles that may have formed in the plastic. If any fault is found, the piece is rejected.


The colours

In the production of coloured Me Luna´s®, the colourless TPE granules are mixed with a tiny amount of colour (2-4%). These colours are not used in the medical field, but are approved for food.
A medical approval for colours is very difficult and expensive, because so far no one wants to make catheters or syringes in bright colours! (Taken from the

I did try this cup a couple times on a dry run (which other have recommend not to do) and without lube to see how well and easily I could insert and remove it.. Let’s just say it wasn’t that comfortable.

I trialled this cup for 2 months , here’s how I got on…..

On the first my period in May, I wore it with a regular pad just in case it did leak.  On first insertion I couldn’t hear it pop open, but figured that was more down to the big hotel bathroom fan (I had gone to see Busted in concert),than it not actually being open. I removed it to be sure and sae menstrual fluid collecting so I washed it and re-inserted it. I ran my finger inside to check it was fully open. I found this difficult to do as the cup was quite tight inside me and didn’t allow for much room to insert and run my finger between the menstrual cup and vaginal wall.

I could sometimes feel the cup inside me, but this was very slight and I believe just a case of getting used to it. There was some leakage with this cup, but more practice was needed to ensure it was inserted and fully open, which often it wasn’t. I often found it scrunched up inside me and I was forever conscious of leakages. I have strong pelvic floor muscles due to dancing which is why I picked to sports cup, for it’s firmness and I’m not sure if the muscles were adding to the issue.

In the month of June I wore the cup for the first night of my period. I was still struggling with getting the cup to fully open, so maybe the firmness doesn’t work so well for me. I bought it as a guide as I’d watched PSPs vlog channel and her suggestions of cups for dancers. However, this was just a guide and as I progress through my RUMP journey, I ma aware everything will be down to trial and error and I’m realising a different cup may work better for me.

The following morning from the first nights wear, I found it had leaked a little onto the pad. Upon removal it wasn’t full, so this again could’ve been an insertion issue. I had got the hang by this point of inserting the cup, pulling down slightly on the stem (I hadn’t had to cut mine off) and twisting slightly to ensure it was open, but I never felt it ever did this fully for me.

I gave it a break until day 4 of my period as I had very little menstrual blood collecting in me Lena cup (maybe 2 teaspoons). It was a great cup for hiking in Slovakia that week. I didn’t feel it at all whilst walking around and climbing up and down hills, but did find on my return despite my flow being almost none existent. It had still managed to leak onto my panty liner.

All in all this cup is okay, but it just didn’t work for me. The Capacity seemed small for me in terms of the cup shape and it didn’t suit my body. I struggled with getting the cup to fully open and even when I did, it always leaked on me. I also found it too firm, despite my strong pelvic floor muscle as the cup is firm all the way down. I think in future I’ll try a cup with a firm rim but softer body. I have to trial my Lena cup out some more before I can give an honest review on it.


So this is a great cup for someone else. Maybe a young teen who dances. It just didn’t work well for me. I will likely keep this cup for a while, it was the first cup I bought after all, I’m sentimental like that. Three Stars to the Me Luna Cup Sport Small.

Me Luna Cup sport small awarded: Three Stars

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