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aisharebeccawritesJuly 4, 2016

So, I’ve been blogging about all things period related for a few months now and it suddenly dawned on me, that not all of my readers will have used cloth pads or menstrual cups, or they may still exploring this new found world of rumps. When I first started using cloth I had no idea of all this new found terminology that went with it. A lot of words aped in shorthand and it isn’t always clear what members of the ‘CSP world’  form of research. So, I compiled a list of terms used by me and the many beautiful eco friendly and cruelty free women of the world. Be demystified no more!

  • Absorbency– Used in reference to how much menstrual blood a CSP can hold. Often this is subjective, as every women’s menstrual cycle varies in heaviness and length.
  • AMP-Alternative Menstrual products. Used in CSP world, as a way of discussing any product used for menstruation that isn’t disposable. Another way of saying RUMP.
  • CSP -Cloth Santiary Pads.
  • Destash– Term used to describe method of selling new or pre-worn CSP that you no longer want in you collection.
  • Fluffy Mail– Mail, post or parcels containing some form of cloth
  • ILP-Interlabia pads. Often used for those with a heavy flow, for those “gushing” days.
  • Mama Cloth– Refers to cloth pads in general, but also another name used for Post-Partum Pads. Used mostly because mainly mothers got into cloth first. But now cloth is more universally known the term is less used. Not every cloth pad user is a mother either.
  • PP-Post-Partum (aka Post-natal).These pads are usually used for those who have recently given birth or for women who have a extra heavy flow. They are often longer and thicker in Absorbency.
  • ReUsables-Any menstrual products that are reusable. This can be Cloth pads, menstrual cups, sea sponges, crochet tampons. If you can reuse it then it come under this umbrella term.
  • RUMPS-Re-usable Menstrual Products.
  • Scrundies– Knickers, usually made of a stretch fabric to wear with cloth pads. They stretch, thus keeping the pad in place when worn. Some makers often mag cloth pads to go with your scrundies.
  • Stash-One’s entire collection of CSP. As in, “Check out my stash (collection)”.
  • WAHM- Work at home mother. A lot of the people I Purchase pads from work at home mothers. Except Precious star pads. But I buy from them to keep the community going.


What other words have you heard used when researching RUMPS? Fellow CSP and RUMP wearers, feel free to comment on anything I’ve not covered!

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