WIWTM:June 2016

aisharebeccawritesJune 27, 2016

So I have been getting to grips with my cups this month. They were ideal for travelling in Europe and wearing on the plane and in the hotter Slovakian weather. My period was all of 5 days this month, so there really is a big difference for me, from when I was using disposables.

This month I wore a lot less pads as I used the menstrual cups a lot more. A total of 3 overnights,6 moderates and 6 panty liners were worn along with my Me Luna sport small and Lena cup small.

  • 2 x 13 PSP overnight terry cloth blue and red
  • 9″ Kawaii PSP Regular
  • 9″ Zigzags PSP Regular
  • 9″ Leafy PSP Regular
  • 13″ Cheeky wipes Overnight
  • 9″ PSP Red Regular
  • 9″ PSP Green Regular
  • 7″ PSP Blue liner
  • 7″ PSP Red liner
  • 8″ Cheeky wipes cotton topped red with white hearts
  • 9.5″ Long MIDI Environmenstrual Russian Doll Regular
  • 7″ PSP Safari Liner
  • 7.25″ Environmenstrual Giraffe print Panty liner
  • 7″ Muff Fluff Ursula Panty Liner

The panty liners from Muff Fluff and Environmenstrual are newbies to my collection, so I will of course be reviewing them once I’ve had more wear of them.


So ladies, what did you wear this month? Leave your comments below.






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