Fluffy Mail from PSP

aisharebeccawritesJune 13, 2016

Just some pictures of my recent “Fluffy Mail” haul from Precious Star pads.

I bought a couple more panty liners this month as I trialled out my Meluna Cup sport for the first time last month, (review on that to come at a later date) and wanted some more for back up. Also invested in a foldable sterilising cup for the microwave, and will order some of her cotton topped liners and pads, next month as I have only tried minky and cotton terry pads so far and want to try some other fabrics. I decided to also buy another cup to trial during my next cycle. It is the Lena Cup small and it feels so soft, so I am eagerly awaiting my next period (few days to go) to trial it out. I have a feeling it’s going to be a cup I’ll really find comfortable.

Anyhow, Check out my recent PSP teeny tiny haul below and leave comments and pictures of your recent fluffy mail too!


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