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aisharebeccawritesJune 11, 2016

I woke up this morning to find that a YouTube star, whom I’ve followed for her dulcet tones for many a year, was shot and died from her injuries whilst signing autographs after performing at the Plaza Live venue in Orlando. Not much was known about the gunman, just that he shot himself after her brother tackled him to the ground (Sky News).

She was 22 years old, her whole life ahead of her and so much talent! What a complete waste of a life. I absolutely loved watching her videos. It got me thinking about 2 questions. The first- Why does God choose to take some of us sooner than others? and secondly-When will America wake up to the underlying issue that they need to tackle their gun laws and how mental health issues are dealt with in their country?

As a Christian I understand that we are born, we live to see God’s Kingdom come on Earth and then we died and ascend into heaven to be with the Lord, but what I struggle with is why God decides to take some of us “too young”. Clearly God knows of Christina talents. He moulded her in the beginning and created her to be his Daughter. So Why? Seriously, if people want to comment below and give me more insight, then by all means do. I have no words. I know his not doing it to be mean. It is a question I’ve struggled to comprehend and answer time and time again through many an Alpha and freedom course. Christina loved her God. She always gave him thanks and praise in her songs and her rendition of “In Christ Alone” gave me chills.

Now, I cannot speak for the American healthcare system, A) I’m not American B) I don’t live there and C) I have not yet done much research surrounding mental health issues and gun crime in the States, so I can only speak from my opinion and not from facts.But what is evident from the many gun shootings that has taken place in recent years, in their schools, concerts and not to mention a church that, America you have a problem!

The gun laws in this country are beyond me. Yes, you need a license to own a firearm, yet people seem to get them freely. So many citizens think it is their basic right to carry a firearm, to “protect their families”. Your not protecting your families, you are harming them. They can so readily have access to a gun or even your guns in your homes and all it takes is for the person wielding the weapon to have some sort of “break down” and BANG,BANG-they shot you down! We have a no gun policy in the UK. Yes many own hunting rifles, but there are many laws on how they are stored and only you are allowed to use it. There are very few other gun weaponry sort after or used in the UK, unless you are a part of the armed forces police etc., or in a gang (which is a whole new story). Otherwise they stay under lock and key. Yet I watch the news from the States and it baffles me that so many still think the way round the gun issue is, to keep using guns!!!!

When will the government out there see that something has to change? You can’t go on another 50-100 years with the laws staying stagnant as they are and more lives being lost to guns. And what of the young man who carried out the shooting? Do we think he just decided to leave his home that night and go shot down an innocent human being? Someone whom he’d probably never met? What about his life and what may or may not have been issues and demons he carried around with him day in day out? What was society doing to help him? Was he known by the authorities or mental health department where he lived? We will never know. What is evident is that he was failed by the system and in turn Christina was failed by the system.

America needs to WAKE UP! The world needs to WAKE UP! Things need to change, so lives are not wasted and lost unnecessarily. When we will learn that nothing can be solved with a gun in our hands. If we remain ignorant to this clearly growing issue then we are all guilt, we will all have blood on our hands.

R.I.P Christina, you were an inspiration to many and adored by many more. May you be singing loudly next to your Father in heaven. Be at peace in the Kingdom now that you have gone. Although many of us will of wished for a while longer you could have stayed.

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