Precious Star Pads (starter sets)

aisharebeccawritesMay 16, 2016

As promised my review on the Precious Star Pads starter set. I initially bought 2 starter sets in red and blue. Bryony’s starter sets come in a curved style, which contains one 13″ postpartum/heavy pad, one 10″regular (moderate flow) pad and one 7″ panty liner.

All of the pads in this set are made of a cotton terry fleece mix, which provides a more natural fibre next to the skin. They have 2-layers of microfiber terry inside the core for absorbency, except for the panty liner which has just 1 layer. They are surge stitched and all are backed in PUL.  You’ll know which side to wear again the skin as all labels go towards your underwear.

All PSP have this label to indicate that this side of the pad faces into your underwear

All three sizes in these pads were comfortable.  I was worried the material of the PUL would make the pads move around but they stayed put. I had no leakage problems with any of these pads and I found them soft and comfortable. I didn’t get too hot in them either.

I previously said in my last post, I prefer to wash as I go with my pads, then give them all an overhaul in the washing machine at the end of my cycle. If you are slightly squeamish or concerned about staining, I’d suggest washing these specific pads out after wearing them, they aren’t forgiving with stains as they are terry cloth fronted. I had to soak them twice in anti-oxidant detergent and then attempt to get the remainder of the stain out by sun bleaching (for what little sun we get here in the UK!). It didn’t completely remove the staining, but the majority had disappeared. It was only after I did my final machine wash of all the pads that the stains completely vanished. So, just a tip for those that are particularly bothered about staining of their pads.

Terry cloth fleece mixed lining

They were all surprisingly thin, which I do love, but was surprised that even the overnight pad didn’t feel bulky when worn. This set comes in at £21.00, which is fairly good value for money for those that are new to cloth, or those who wish to try them out as an alternative to disposables, but are unsure if they want to fully commit to the cause right away.

Bryony no longer makes the pads herself, but she has two great factories in China that supply them on her behalf. She also offers menstrual cups and accessories on her website, so be sure to check it out. All in all, a great pad created by one of, (in my opinion) the best period activists I’ve found so far, on YouTube.

If you want to try cloth for the first time or add to your stash without breaking the bank, especially if you reside in the UK. Then Precious Star Pads come highly recommended.

Check out the Precious Star pad website:

Which cloth pad maker did you try first? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Paula

    December 27, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Just so you know, Bree doesn’t design these pads at all. They are simply pads she buys and gets them you add her label. Many other brands sell the same type if you have a look on eBay or Amazon you will see just a few. Also a few of the big brand diaper companies have these too and have added their own logos. Also I should add you can get them a lot cheaper from other people. They are simply “China cheapies” that come from factories with very poor ethics. If you email Bree about the factory and the care of the workers she more than likely won’t reply. A good few of us already have. I suggest you really look into this topic. There is a very good video on YouTube about this matter from a lady whose channel is flow of the goddess.

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    May 17, 2016 at 9:16 am

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