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aisharebeccawritesMay 2, 2016

So, as promised a review of my cloth pads from Cheeky Wipes.

As I’m still a newbie to the cloth pad world, I decided to buy a starter set of pads to get a feel for them. I wasn’t sure how committed I’d be and wanted something that was a bit easier to wash, so I went with the Minky backed, bamboo charcoal topped set, in favour of the terry cloth or cotton topped sets which are white and therefore likely to show more if they were to stain.

This set comes with 5 pads in total. 1x Overnight/postpartum, 3x Regular and 1x Panty liner, along with a small 2-compartmental wet bag suitable for handbag use. They came in an array of colours, which I liked, but I would’ve enjoyed having more of a pattern on them-however you can get more choice of styles with the organic cotton pads. All of the bamboo/minky pads are made with a “leak-proof minkee outer, two layers of microfiber, inner layer bamboo charcoal microfleece or bamboo terry” (taken from product details on the website), for the terry cloth pads.


The overnight pad was 28cmx 7cm. I wore this pad only once during the first few days of my cycle on my heavier nights. Naturally, the pad is slightly thicker than the regular, but I found it to be soft, comfortable and very absorbent. I didn’t find that it felt to bulky when worn either. It moved with me in the night and didn’t shift around.The bamboo top is comfortable, remained soft after washing and quickly dried. The only issue I found was I got slightly sweaty with this on. Bamboo is generally a stay dry, quick wicking fabric and even though I could’ve worn it all night, I changed it half way through. The sweatiness could’ve just been down to my hormone levels, so I will perhaps review it again next month. Minky can be a warmer fabric too, so that may be why I felt sweaty despite being generally dry, I tend to be warmer at night on my period so this could have caused adverse effects for me wearing this pad. But all in all it was top notch.


The regular pads measure 24cmx7cm. These are best for use with a moderate to light flow. I was apprehensive using these for the first time as I’m so used to disposables, but they felt soft against my skin. They are fairly thin for a moderate pad, which I liked as I was worried about bulkiness, especially with jeans. However, you couldn’t see them under my clothes and I forgot I was even wearing them pretty soon after putting it on. They come with a 2 snap setting (as do all the cheeky wipe minky backed pads) for a wider or narrower fit.
The narrower setting does cause some bunching, but I didn’t notice this once underwear was in place, so I had no discomfort wearing these pads. I prefer the narrower setting, simply because I have a petite frame, but I could’ve worn it easily on the wider setting anyway as it was still fairly narrow. The only con I would say with these pads is that they come up rather short and from my use of disposables I already know I prefer a longer pad towards the back, especially during the first few days of my cycle, as I’m what’s known as a “back-bleeder”, so I was conscious of leaking towards the back.
However, I didn’t leak through any of these pads or towards the back like I usually would with disposable pads, so the absorbency in them in my opinion, clearly rivals that of pads in the disposable market.
I found the pads to be soft against my intimate areas and I had no chaffing, soreness and they didn’t move around when I walked anywhere.
All that said, I would wear these again, but maybe as either a back up to a menstrual cup in my first few cycle days or during my lighter days towards the end of my period.

Panty Liner

The liner is 22cm x 7cm and came in a lovely bright blue colour, which really brightened up my day to wear it. This I actually preferred to wear on the wider setting but it was equally comfortable on the narrower setting, it’s all down to personal preference really.

I wore this twice through my cycle, with a hand wash in between and it remained soft, vibrant and comfortable. I’d definitely consider adding a few more of the Cheeky Wipe panty liners to my collection.

Wet bag

The wet bag that I chose with the starter set came in a lovely purple polka dot print. The bags are made from PUL laminated super soft minky and are designed to hold clean and dirty pads. The large compartment can hold 3 or 4 pads, then the smaller compartment can store the pads once soiled. Fits comfortably into my handbag and comes with a KAM snap handle to hang on the door too. I love this

Cloth Pad Care

The website states that you-Wash at 20c or 30c, warm washing sets blood stains and can damage your pads.  Line dry, reshape whilst damp.

I found it best as a newbie to hand wash with oxy clean and then at the end of my cycle to put all the cloths in the washing machine, for good measure stained or clean just for piece of mind to know they were all fresh.
These pads are so absorbent. When I removed them it looked like they were barely soiled, but on washing them I realised just how much menstrual blood they held. For what little staining they had they washed out clean every time. The only thing I would say is I noticed that they were beginning to lose softness and ply after the third hand wash. I think they are great value for money but you do need a lot of this one brand if you want them to last and stay soft after a few washes. The use of soap nuts in hard water areas and washing with distilled white vinegar will also help. So, I will look into getting some of those and trial them on these next month.

It’s funny how cloth pads make me feel happy. If us women have to go through the palaver of a monthly cycle, we can at least have something soft warm and decorative to bleed all over. I weirdly look forward to my cycle each month, knowing that I have something to wear that is interesting, eco-friendly and “fun”.


Want to know more about Cheeky Wipes?


Visit their website:

Have any of you tried Cheeky Wipes pads? If so,what do you think of them? Leave your comments, questions and thoughts below.


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