What I learned from watching:’Yes Man’

aisharebeccawritesMarch 15, 2016

On Saturday I decided to indulge and watch a couple of movies. I watched ‘Cuban Fury’ for dance purposes, (but that’s a topic for another day) and ‘Yes Man’ – starring Jim Carrey. For those of you who have never seen it, you can find a brief synopsis here.

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I’d watched it before many moons ago, but couldn’t quite remember what happened and I definitely didn’t learn the first time what I learnt this time.

The character played by Carrey – ‘Carl Allen’, literally spent his whole life saying no to every opportunity that came his way. Even basic things such as bags of oranges! (you have to watch it to see what I mean). His life was a series of repeated actions: Wake up. Work. Sleep. Repeat. He wasn’t living a life full of adventure, he barely went out socially, he hid from life, he was simply…. existing.

Instead of Living life, are we guilty of simply Existing? It can be so easy to fall into the same dull routine day in day out.In having life all planned out, we forget how to let go and have fun. Don’t get me wrong, I know some things in life require a bit of planning, but maybe we are guilty of sometimes being too lazy to live a life worth living. We get too comfortable to throw off our slippers and put on our hiking boots.

“Wake up.Work.Sleep.Repeat.”

Granted, sometimes we also need to say No. As the movie progresses Carl realises that in saying yes to the things he really didn’t want to do also doesn’t bring happiness and nothing bad will necessary come of saying no. But saying yes to new experiences was exactly what he needed to get out of his slump, although, saying yes to moving in with Allison when he doesn’t want to was not the way forward, but having a free-spirit to “do life” with and share in this crazy adventure was beneficial to his wellbeing.

So this is what I’ve learned…..

  1. Say yes to trying new things. Even if it’s slight reluctance at trying/doing something, or going somewhere making you hesitate, you might be surprised at how much fun you have.
  2. It’s Okay to say NO Sometimes curling up on the sofa with a good book is exactly what is required. Saying yes won’t always make the adventure enjoyable-you have to want to say yes. You have to want to at least try.
  3. Learn a new skill/get a hobby – You never know when it might come in handy. Learn a new language, take flying lessons, take up a hobby-go dancing!
  4. Sometimes you need a companion– Carl would have never learned or done half the things he did if it wasn’t for Allison helping coax him out of his comfort zone. Sometimes you need a free spirit to help you release it.
  5. Ultimately, listen to your heart and let it guide you.

Go on a mini road trip to the south of France, Go bowling(if nothing else you may simply learn to stop hitting gutter balls), Learn a new language (just because). I’d love to be spontaneous and arrive at the airport with no clue of where I’m going. To have an adventure.

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So let go a bit, live a little. Loosen the reins and be spontaneous (in moderation). Start listening to your heart. Start saying YES to life. Start saying YES to living.

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