Getting lost and learning I’m found

aisharebeccawritesMarch 11, 2016

In my early twenties, I made the mistake of looking at what others around me – friends, family, and co-workers had, and wondering when is my turn? When will I get my “lucky break”? Why am I so behind?<

I’d look at them in there “cushy careers”, in cosy young relationships (and now marriages), with their babe in arms and mortgages and think, how have they “made it” and I’m yet to even find a fulfilling career? If I am truly honest with myself I’ve, like many others in my generation, fallen into the “twenties trap” of moving from uninspiring and unpassionate job after job after job. I still often think to myself, I am totally and utterly lost!

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In looking at what everyone else has got and wondering “why not me?”, I’ve gotten lost and along the way, forgotten all the things I fell in love with, all the things I was passionate about and all the things that inspired me.

We get so caught up in the conformity that society puts upon us and rat race of life , (we should have xyz career, we should make this amount of money, to afford a house save this percentage, your chances of conceiving decrease after this age and on and on), that we can often feel a sense of failure, for not reaching a certain benchmark in life at “the right time”. There is no right time, only your time and you should live life to the natural rhythm of your own life. It’s time to stop watching how others dance to their drum beat and dance to your own.

“There is no right time. Only your time.”

As the years swiftly pass by and I rapidly creep towards my thirties, I’ve got to thinking, it’s not about what they have or where they are going. Life is about looking at the path ahead of you and learning, enjoying and being inspired by the lessons you learn along the way and the new things you discover about yourself.

Just because my partner and I aren’t running down the aisle or even close to starting a family yet, it doesn’t mean we are losing at life. We are still discovering who we are as individuals and then as a couple. I am slowly learning that being at a different stage in life is simply that… a stage.

In the Shakespeare play As you Like It, Jacques says “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;”. All we can do in life is work out what our next scenes are and ad lib the script.

“All the worlds a stage and men and women merely players.”

Quote from William Shakespeare’s – As you like it, Act II, Scene VII

Just because you haven’t found your “calling” in life and may, have yet to start carving out a career path that gets you jumping out of bed every morning, doesn’t mean you’re hopeless and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lost. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be at any one stage in life and if we just listen to our hearts and gut instincts we’ll figure it out in the end. Life shouldn’t be rushed; and I’m looking forward to playing out the next stage of mine, in my own time.

I’m still figuring out who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life and that’s okay….
I’ve got careers I’ve yet to try (who says you have to stick to one your whole life), places I want to see, a marriage I’d like to be in, babies I’d love to have, so many dreams I want to fulfil, and a whole life yet to discover.

My path may look and feel a lot different to the people I have around me; I’ve not done half the things they may have and vice versa, but I’m not completely lost. In fact….I’m just getting started and so are you.

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