International Woman’s Day

aisharebeccawritesMarch 8, 2016

Wow. My first ever blog. What a great topic to start with.

I was watching the news this morning and they mentioned it was International Woman’s Day, something that I have noticed hadn’t been televised or given as much air time within the U.K before, but has become more prevalent over the years.

My European friends would often wish me a happy IWD and I’d have to get them to explain what the message of this day, (that meant they’d often be showered with flowers and gifts from loved ones) was all about.

It’s great to have a day, (men don’t worry- you have a day, you just have to wait until November to be celebrated) that is recognised globally celebrating the social, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere and even harder to believe that that tradition has been observed since the early 1900’s. See Detailed timeline.

But all this talk got me thinking…”Shouldn’t we as women, be celebrating ourselves everyday?”

It is so often said that “we can’t have it all.”. We can’t be high powered business woman AND raise a family, we can’t be breadwinners AND nurturers. Whilst, there is some truth to not having it all, I feel a lot of us allow ourselves to strive to be everything to everyone all at once, and for what? To prove a point to “mankind” everywhere? To prove we can be the best at everything and to what? Burn ourselves out.

We should be striving to be the best selves we can be and not to prove anything to anyone, but to be the unique wonderful women that God created us to be. All we can do is try. Our only competition in the world should be our yesterday selves.

I am guilty of having a negative outlook on life at times and I am my own worst critic. If I fail today I surely cannot succeed tomorrow.

We can often dim the lights of other women around us, because we feel our light within ourselves flickering in the wind of hurtful words fired at us. Then hurt others around us for achieving, but truth be told we are not all meant to achieve the same things to the highest standard as another women. You may achieve something that she can never do and was never meant to. We all have our own stories and we should write our own chapters, not try and copy chapters out of someone else’s story. We should stop plagiarising our lives and write something unique.

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We should be celebrating ourselves and each other every day. Celebrate the women who may scan your groceries in the supermarket. What is the story of her life? Who is she? Who was she? and Who will she be? Celebrate the generations of women in you family that have fought for you to live freely.

Celebrate the amazing things women in our past have fought for us to be able to do, like having a right to an education. Something that, many women are still fighting to see come to fruition for future generations.

Celebrate the uniqueness of you. That no one will ever go on the same unique journey you walk on. Celebrate who YOU are, who YOU were and who YOU are yet to be.

Celebrate womanhood and cheer every other women on along their paths too!

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